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Berkshire hogs are a very rare pigs. Berkshire Pork is the equivalent of Wagyu beef. Our Berkshire roasts are full of marbling and rich in flavor. Each rack weighs about 6-8lbs. Feed 8-10 people.

Fairway Packing Company is pleased to offer 100% pure Berkshire pork to its customers. Berkshire Pork’s superior taste and texture has made it an ideal choice of food lovers for almost four centuries. Discerning food enthusiasts have recognized the superior qualities of Berkshire pork as the specific marbling with light fat allows it to retain its juicy nature.  In addition, Berkshire Pork is popular among meat lovers because of its wonderful flavor.  It is an executive chef’s pork of choice!

Today, the Genetics of Berkshire Hogs are shared by Breeders Across Nations

The Berkshire breed is now the fastest growing in America, however, the scenario was quite different a decade ago.  At that time, there were very few Berkshire available.  Upon realizing the high-quality commodity in Berkshire Hogs, breeders began cultivating more opportunity for the hogs to produce. Thanks to the zeal and labors of diligent Berkshire breeders in the country, Berkshire Pork, popularly known as ‘kurobuta’, is now available to consumers all over the world.

Fairway Packing Company supplies its customers with 100% pure Berkshire pork that excels in characteristics such as flavor, color, tenderness and juiciness that contribute significantly to the quality of the recipe. Fairway packing is known for its clean and superior facilities. If you are one of those food lovers who do not like to compromise with taste and quality, then you must try Berkshire pork from the Fairway Packing Company. We promise that you will continue to come back for more!

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