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Imperial Wagyu Beef

As some of the finest quality meat in the world, Wagyu or Kobe is a cut above the rest that everyone should try at least once.

In 2005, Imperial Wagyu Beef® was born. The goal was a uniquely flavorful and tender beef – to be recognized and sought after by chefs and beef connoisseurs around the world.

From the beginning, the Imperial Wagyu Beef® partners invested in owning carefully selected, authentic Wagyu genetics from legendary Japanese bloodlines. The breed registry carefully traces Wagyu genetics to meticulously track and maintain the breed lineage for overall performance information. Chosen from among the most highly recognized full-blood genetics, the cattle of Imperial Wagyu Beef® are known to produce consistently marbled, flavorful and tender, velvety textured beef.

In 2006, Imperial Wagyu Beef® was recognized by the USDA as the first Certified Wagyu Beef brand in the U.S.A.

The partners at all Imperial Wagyu FarmsTM must adhere to strict feeding, management, production and animal care standards. Throughout all phases of production, we are committed to producing the highest quality beef using holistic and natural methods

As part of this holistic production system, all cattle are vaccinated on the farm and are handled with care throughout the entire production process. Imperial Wagyu cattle are always and only fed an all-vegetarian diet and are never given growth hormones, stimulants or antibiotics. They are fed slowly for more than 400 days, promoting the highly marbled, smooth texture for which Wagyu beef is known.

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