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Otto's Poultry

Otto's Poultry

Residing in Middleville, Michigan, our chicken comes from Otto's Chicken. With it being free of Hormones and antibiotics, you'll taste the difference in his chicken. We tasted such a difference that we had to get to Fairway Packing to show our clients what quality poultry should be. The same goes for our Turkey - An all natural bird, free of any synthetic treatment leaves the bird as natural as possible. Come in and pick up a bird for the family!

Otto’s Poultry

All of the chickens raised at Otto's Farms have access to fresh air, daylight and room to roam. Although not technically "free range," the chickens at Otto's Farms have plenty of space in the clean, comfortable chicken houses, while being protected from the elements, predators and diseases. In fact, Otto's provides their chickens with about twice as much room as their competitors because they believe that having extra space to exercise and grow makes their chicken healthier, firmer and tastier. Nutritious chicken feed is made from locally grown corn and soy mixed and ground onsite at Otto's Farms.

Otto’s Protocols:

  • Antibiotics Free
  • No growth promotion agents
  • No hormones
  • USDA Inspected

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