The Best Cuts of Meat for Big Family Events


Families get together for a variety of events. There are weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and funerals. Sometimes there is a large group and sometimes only a small but no matter what the size of the event the best cut of meat for big family events is prime rib.

Prime rib is cut from the same area as New York strips and Delmonico steaks and both of these steaks are known for their flavor. Prime rib will typically have good marbling as well which will add additional flavor and make the meat moister when cooking.

Prime rib can be purchased in various sizes from small individual cuts to a large roast. Because of the large range of sizes available you can find the perfect size and amount of meat for big family events.

There is very little preparation required to cook a prime rib. Simply remove the prime rib from the refrigerator and place it in a prepared roasting pan. (Prime rib roasts come with bones in them so no rack is needed.) Season the roast and then place it in the oven. Cooking time will vary based on the size of the roast so it is important to monitor the internal temperature to determine when it has cooked.

The size of the prime rib roast makes it easier to accommodate multiple different levels of doneness. The ends of the roast will be cooked more towards well done, while the center will remain closer to medium.

One of the best features of a prime rib roast is serving it to your guests. No matter if you are preparing a large buffet or an elegant sit down dinner the prime rib roast can be sliced in front of your guests giving them their favorite cut of meat.
So, for your next family event trying a prime rib roast it truly is the best cut of meat for big family events!

How to Properly Cook a Steak

Steaks are one of the most popular foods to prepare on the grill yet many people don’t know how to cook them properly and end up with chunks of coal where they once had great cuts of meat.  It’s not a mystery how to properly cook a steak; it just takes a few simple steps.

Prepare the Grill

The first step in properly preparing a steak is making sure that your grill is warmed up.  Charcoal is the best for grilling a steak and the coals should be white before placing your steak on the grill.  If you are using a propane grill it is important to preheat the grill as well.  When your first place your steaks on a hot grill you will sear the outside of the steak.  This is important to seal in the juices.  If the grill is not preheated the steak will sit there and lose moisture and the steak will lose some of its flavor.

Cooking the Steak

When the grill has been heated place the steaks on the grill making sure to keep some space between them for airflow.   Season the steak with salt and pepper then grill the steak for approximately four minutes to sear the steak and seal in the juices before flipping the steak over and seasoning again.  Continue to cook the steaks until you have prepared it to the recipients desired level of doneness.  To check the level insert a meat thermometer into the steak.  Rare will be 145 degrees, medium about 160 degrees and well done should reach 170 degrees.  Be careful not to char the steaks and watch them while they are cooking.  If the flame becomes t0o hot move them to the outside of the grill to protect from charring.

Properly cooking a steak just takes a few simple steps and a little preparation.  So the next time you want to properly cook a steak just warm up the grill, seal in the juices and let it cook then enjoy.

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No Gold For The Food at Olympic’s


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Last month’s Olympics brought many medals to various countries around the world. Another thing it brought were some awkward moments for the host country, Russia. One of the many problems the host Country had, according to some of the Olympians was the food.

Olympians have nutritionists by the time they begin to compete in the Olympics themselves. However, they are not always with them. U.S. bobsledder Lolo Jones was getting with friends and was complaining about the food provided in the Olympic cafeteria. Jones posted a video on Instagram showing herself eating what appeared to look like prison food and saying to herself “pretend it’s a nice, juicy steak.” Well, if one is looking for a nice juicy steak, there is no need to look any further.

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Differences in Grades of Meat

Fairway-Packing-Know-Your-Cuts-Of-MeatThroughout the world all beef that is produced is graded for quality.  These quality standards were developed by a government agency and have been accepted by the beef industry worldwide.  Grades of meat help to determine the quality of the meat that the consumer purchases and has a part in determining the price of the meat as well.  There are differences in grades of meat and by knowing what they are you will be able to find the right cut to match your taste and budget.

There are three main grades of meat “Prime”, “Choice” and “Select”.  These three grades are the common advertised grades that are sold in stores.  There are additional grades as well including “Standard”, “Commercial”, “Utility”, “Cutter” and “Canner”.  These grades of meat are typically not sold in stores but occasionally will show up in bargain brands or may be used for ground beef or dog food.


Prime grade beef is the best quality beef and is sold in high end restaurants and specialty stores.  This is the most flavorful beef available and typically comes from young, well fed cattle.  Prime beef will have a large amount of marbling and will be very tender and flavorful when cooked.  Prime grade beef is priced higher than choice or select.


Choice can be a good selection if you are purchasing a loin or rib cut as these cuts will have more marbling and will be more flavorful.  In general, choice grade beef is a step down from prime and will be less tender, have less marbling and the overall flavor will not be as good as prime.


Select grade beef is the least flavorful of these three grades.  It will have considerably less marbling and may be tough and dry without proper preparation.  Marinades are typically needed to help make select grade cuts of beef more tender and flavorful.

In conclusion, there are several grades of meat to choose from each varying in tenderness, flavor and marbling and by using this guide you can find the right one to match your tastes and budget. Fairway Packing sells only the best cuts of meat throughout the Metro Detroit area. Call today and we’ll have your order out to you by this time tomorrow guaranteed!

Common Misconceptions of Cooking Steak

Fairway-Cooking-Steak-MythsThere are many common misconceptions of cooking steak. 
Let’s dispel these misconceptions and get back to cooking one of the best dishes created, steak!

Misconception One – All Steaks are Created Equal

All men may be created equal but this is not true for steaks.  If you select a steak based only on which one is the cheapest you will be disappointed in the results.  Steaks are graded based on their level of tenderness and flavor.  The better steaks will be graded prime and will be more expensive but the end result is a much better steaks.

Misconception Two – Only Grill Room Temperature Steaks

This is a very dangerous misconception.  All meats should be refrigerated right up to the point where they will be grilled to keep the meat safe and bacteria free.

Misconception Three – Don’t Salt a Steak Prior to Cooking

Steaks should be seasoned immediately before grilling to get a savory crust on the steak which is one of the best parts of grilling. This misconception developed when steaks were salted too early which will result in a dry steak.

Part 2 will be here sooner than you think!

How Should I Cook My Beef?

Fairway-Packing-Peppered-BeefThere are a variety of methods available to cook beef and no one way is ideal.  Selecting the cooking method you use will typically depend on the quality of the meat you select.  Once you have selected your cut of beef there are different methods of cooking the same cut of beef.

Cooking Tender and Well-Marbled Beef

Dry heat methods are used to cook a tender and well-marbled cut of beef.  Dry heat methods include pan-broiling, grilling, pan-frying, broiling and stir-fry.  Grilling is one of the most popular ways to prepare a good cut of beef.  The beef is placed on a preheated grill and then seared to lock in the moisture of the meat for the best flavor.  Pan broiling and pan frying are similar except frying adds a small amount of oil while cooking.  Stir frying is a quick way to cook a good cut of beef and has the added advantage of being a full meal when complete.  Broiling in an oven is the final method for dry heat cooking and is a fast easy way to prepare a meal with no added fat.

Cooking Less Tender Cuts of Beef

Less tender cuts of beef typically will use a moist cooking method.  Moist cooking methods add additional moisture and flavor to the meat while cooking which makes the meat more tender and flavorful.  Moist cooking methods include stewing and braising.  Stewing requires the beef to be cut into smaller cubes and then simmered for an extended period of time in a sauce or liquid.  Vegetables and other ingredients will be added to the stew to enhance the flavor.  Braising beef or pot roasting requires less liquid than a stewing.  Braising slow cooks the meat making the meat tenderer.

No matter what type of cut you select there are different methods of cooking the same cut of beef.  Select the method that fits the cut of beef and your schedule and you will have a great tasting meal in no time. Fairway Packing currently has overstock sales on 6 pack steak specials. The variety of steaks include dry aged, Piedmontese, Prime and Wagyu cuts so call today and you can have your order at your door by this time tomorrow!

The Absolute Best Cuts, All Availabe Here

Fairway-BannerGrilling steaks is a popular to entertain guests. There’s nothing better than the smell of a great cut of meat grilling on a BBQ as you mingle with your guests. The smell makes your mouth water as the juices from a great steak hit the hot coals. When you cut into a great cut of beef and take a bite the tender morsel melts in your mouth like butter. Everyone in your neighborhood can recognize the aroma of a steak BBQ. But what is the absolute best steak?

The absolute best steak is one that needs no tenderizing, marinades or braises to give it a good texture or flavor. The best steaks require only minimal seasoning and preparation to let you enjoy your steak. The absolute best steak should be easy to slice into and should be so tender and flavorful it melts in your mouth with every bite.

There are a variety of cuts to choose from when picking the absolute best steak. The rib eye is a heavily marbled meat which gives this cut extra moisture and flavor when grilled. A New York strip is cut from the top tenderloin section and typically has a very strong flavor but is not as tender as the tenderloin cuts themselves. The Porterhouse cut has the best of both types of cuts as it is part top loin and part tenderloin. This cut has advantages of being both tender and flavorful. Finally, Filet Mignon is one of the best cuts available. This cut is very tender and has some of the best flavors of any cuts.

Another level of flavor is that of the Kobe and Wagyu varieties of beef. This specific method of raising cattle started in Kobe, Japan and slowly spread around the world, including farmers in Australia and the Americas. The cattle are massaged and at times even given beer in order to provide it with a stress-free life, allowing for the beef to naturally marble as densely as possibly. This in turn provides steak lovers everywhere with what could be the best cut of steak they’ll ever have. You are paying a premium for these cuts of meat, but you’ll be getting the best steaks money can buy.

So when you are choosing your next cut of meat just remember that the absolute best steak requires little additional preparation besides a hot grill to be the absolute best steak that will melt in your mouth with each bite.

Fairway Packing has varieties of all cuts mentioned above so call us today and we’ll have your order processed and ready to go before lunch! Have your steaks just in time for that special anniversary or birthday celebration.