Celebrate National Hot Dog Day!


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Prepare the Perfect Cut of Beef for a Father’s Day Meal

Fairway-Packing-Father's-Day-Perfect-Cut-of-SteakFather’s Day comes every year in June and if we can get our fathers away from the grill long enough then we can prepare the perfect cut of beef for a Father’s Day Meal.  Summer is the perfect time to cook a meal on the grill and if your father is like most then one of the best meals to celebrate the day honoring them is a perfect cut of beef.

The perfect cut of beef for a Father’s Day meal

Finding the perfect cut of beef is really up to what type of beef your father enjoys the most.  Avoid picking the most expensive cut just because it seems to be the ‘best’.  If you truly want to prepare the perfect cut of beef then ask your father what type he would prefer.  No matter if it is a sirloin steak, tenderloin or a large rack of beef ribs if you ask your father what he would like then you’re sure to get the perfect cut.

Prepare your father’s perfect cut of beef

There are a variety of cuts of beef to choose from and each has it’s own peculiarities when you are preparing them for the meal.  If you are preparing beef ribs then you will want to cook them over low heat for longer periods of time to make sure the meat will be fall-off-the-bone tender.  If your father chooses a steak you will want to marinade and then season and grill it to his favorite temperature.  Finally, if he chooses a roast or prime rib you will want to slowly cook these cuts on a rotisserie style grill making sure to season and baste them while they cook to perfection.

It’s your father’s big day to celebrate him so let him tell you what the perfect cut of beef for a Father’s Day meal is then you can prepare his favorite meal in celebration of him.

If it’s a steak you think your father would most appreciate for Father’s Day, here’s a video showing just how Fairway Packing take care of Chef Benjamin Meyer of Iridescence restaurant in Motor City Casino &

Grill the Perfect Cut of Beef for a Mother’s Day Meal

Fairway-Packing-Mother's-Day-cuts-of-beefEvery year we take one special Sunday to celebrate our love for the main woman in our lives, our mother.  This special day lets us honor her for what she has done to bring us into the world and help us to succeed.  To celebrate her special day it is a tradition to grill the perfect cut of beef for a Mother’s Day meal.

Choosing the perfect cut of beef

Everyone enjoys a good cut of beef grilled to perfect as the center part of a celebration dinner.  Picking the best slice of beef for your mother for her special meal will depend on her particular tastes.  If she is an athletic and energetic woman she will probably prefer a lean cut of beef such as tenderloin.  If she enjoys the outdoors then a thick rib-eye might be in line with her style of beef.  If she likes the simmering of a pot roast on the grill then maybe try a prime rib that you can grill slowly throughout the festivities.  Depending on what your mother enjoys you can find the perfect cut of beef for a Mother’s Day meal.

Grill the perfect cut of beef

When you are preparing your Mother’s Day meal you will want to prepare each cut of beef to highlight it’s cut.  If your mother prefers tenderloin you will want to sear the exterior then slowly cook it till the desired doneness.  If you cooking a thick rib-eye steak then you’ll want to sear both sides and then let it cook till it’s done being careful not to let the extra fat juices drip into the grill and char the meat.  Finally, if you choose a prime rib, you can slowly cook it on a rotisserie grill letting the meat stay tender as it cooks.

Grilling the perfect cut of beef for a Mother’s Day meal will give you the perfect way to celebrate her special day with her favorite cut of beef. Fairway Packing has every cut you could ever need for whatever occasion it may be. They’ll have you’re barbeque looking top notch with their signature cuts.